Friday, March 31, 2006


Los Caminantes y los Espiritus Juguetones

…a vast body of knowledge
…sorted, classified, and correlated
…organize these mental possessions preparatory
…teaching, ministry, and service in behalf of his fellow mortals

…ability effectively to mobilize all his powers of mind, soul, and body on the task immediately in hand

…could concentrate his deep-thinking mind on the one problem which he wished to solve, and this, in connection with his untiring patience, enabled him serenely to endure the trials of a difficult mortal existence

…a refreshing elasticity of interpretation and an individuality of adaptation that greatly impressed all the children with the spirit of justice

…becoming expert in the divine art of revealing his Paradise Father to all ages and stages of mortal creatures.

Jesus thought over the whole span of human life on Urantia, from the days of Andon and Fonta, down through Adam’s default, and on to the ministry of the Melchizedek of Salem.

The evolution of the religious capacity of receptivity in the inhabitants of a world largely determines their rate of spiritual advancement and the extent of religious revelation.

the receptivity principle…



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