Friday, March 31, 2006


Lloviendo en Dapa

…wholehearted recognition of the brotherhood of man coupled with an intelligent and wise affection for each of your fellow mortals.

The enthusiasm is a growing experience as knowledge grows. The three years old kid inside, receives all the info to play in the ground of daily life scenarios. Wisdom is the baby sitter… like getting drunk inside the ecstasy of an infinite reality, even we don’t know it at full… but we know: It’s THERE!!! Those liquid facts can de swimm inside physical reality, intellectual reality, and spiritual reality.

…begin to appreciate the infinite symmetry… the supernal harmony… the exquisite repleteness of the all-inclusive nature of the First Source and Center until he has found… divine law and divine love and has experientially unified these in his own evolving cosmic philosophy.

Scientific living means acting in the light of the relevant truths of science. The truths of science are truths of fact. Scientific living begins with stage one: being aware of fact, understanding fact at a level that is normally satisfactory for practical purposes, and focusing effectively on the task at hand. When we focus well, we notice facts that would be easy to overlook, face facts that are hard to deal with, and establish important facts with care instead of jumping to conclusions.


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